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What is PMV®-01?

  • The sustainable and biological solution for Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) problems in tomato cultivation.
  • The PMV®-01 vaccination strategy is based on a unique, mild and stable Chilean PepMV isolate, which colonizes the plants quickly and protects them against PepMV damage.
  • PMV®-01 is the result of 10 years of scientific research in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries.
  • PMV®-01 has a European registration for use as a biological plant protection product within the European Union.
  • PMV®-01 has a certified production process with strict quality controls.

What is Pepino mosaic virus?

Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) is currently the most abundant virus in greenhouse tomato crops worldwide, with infection percentages of 50 to 90% in the most important tomato production regions all over the world. PepMV is mechanically transmitted and very infectious. The most typical symptom of a PepMV infection is marbling of the tomato fruit, which dramatically reduces the market value. Moreover, significant yield losses are observed in case of an infection with PepMV. Greenhouse trials and grower questionnaires revealed that average quality losses are 4 to 15% and average yield losses are 4 to 12%.

How to apply PMV®-01?



  1. Detailed information about hygienic measures, sampling and vaccination is provided to the client by a team of experts.
  2. Pre-vaccination samples are analysed in the laboratory to check whether the plants are free of PepMV.
  3. Planting
  4. Vaccination of the plants after planting by spraying 4-8 L
    PMV®-01/ ha diluted in 150-300 L of water.
  5. Post-vaccination samples are taken 4-6 weeks after vaccination to confirm a successful protection against PepMV damage.

How does PMV®-01 work?

The PMV®-01 vaccination strategy protects tomato plants from severe losses in quality and yield caused by aggressive PepMV infections. The key word for this PMV®-01 vaccination strategy is “cross-protection”, a well-known mechanism in plant virology. Plants vaccinated with PMV®-01 are protected against new attacks from aggressive PepMV isolates.

Why do tomato growers choose for PMV®-01?

  • PMV®-01 has proven that it’s a solution for PepMV problems
  • PMV®-01 is the result of 10 years of scientific research
  • PMV®-01 is supported by a team of vaccination experts
  • PMV®-01 has a production process with strict quality controls
  • PMV®-01 is authorized for use as a biological plant protection product in the EU

Where can PMV®-01 be used?

Results with PMV®-01?

In 10 years of scientific research and 5 years of commercial experience on more than 2500 ha, PMV®-01 has proven to be a perfect solution for PepMV damage:

  • Fruit marbling and brown sepals, the typical PepMV symptoms, are not seen in PMV®-01 protected tomato crops.
  • Production losses of 4-15% that can be caused by an aggressive PepMV infection are avoided with a PMV®-01 vaccination.

The efficient protection of PMV®-01 was shown in various tomato producing systems:

  • with and without artificial light
  • in all substrate and soil types
  • in all types of tomatoes
  • in all greenhouse types
  • in different climatological conditions



PMV®-01 vaccinated and non-vaccinated crops were challenged with an aggressive PepMV isolate 3 weeks after the vaccination date. The PMV®-01 vaccinated crop showed no quality loss and no production loss, in all GEP studies performed. In this 4 GEP trials, the nonvaccinated crops showed average production losses from 7 to 11%. GEP: Good Experimental Practice.


Commercial data from a tomato grower who obtains consistently higher productions of specialty tomatoes after PMV®-01 vaccination. Before he used the vaccine, the crop suffered from a spontaneous PepMV infection. With the PMV®-01 vaccine, the healthy plants allow a faster and more generative growth, resulting in more yield.

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