Results with PMV®-01?

In 10 years of scientific research and 5 years of commercial experience on more than 2500 ha, PMV®-01 has proven to be a perfect solution for PepMV damage:

  • Fruit marbling and brown sepals, the typical PepMV symptoms, are not seen in PMV®-01 protected tomato crops.
  • Production losses of 4-15% that can be caused by an aggressive PepMV infection are avoided with a PMV®-01 vaccination.

The efficient protection of PMV®-01 was shown in various tomato producing systems:

  • with and without artificial light
  • in all substrate and soil types
  • in all types of tomatoes
  • in all greenhouse types
  • in different climatological conditions



PMV®-01 vaccinated and non-vaccinated crops were challenged with an aggressive PepMV isolate 3 weeks after the vaccination date. The PMV®-01 vaccinated crop showed no quality loss and no production loss, in all GEP studies performed. In this 4 GEP trials, the nonvaccinated crops showed average production losses from 7 to 11%. GEP: Good Experimental Practice.


Commercial data from a tomato grower who obtains consistently higher productions of specialty tomatoes after PMV®-01 vaccination. Before he used the vaccine, the crop suffered from a spontaneous PepMV infection. With the PMV®-01 vaccine, the healthy plants allow a faster and more generative growth, resulting in more yield.