Latest news on PMV®-01

First aid with ToBRFV
First aid with ToBRFV was the title of last week’s webinar organized by DCM for tomato growers from Belgium and the Netherlands. A variety of specialists were given time to speak.
Source:, 31/05/2021
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Vaccine against PepMV authorized in North America
PMV-01 is now available in Canada and the USA. PMV-01 is the first plant vaccine against Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV) in tomato authorized by EPA and PMRA. The product is registered in name of DCM and marketed by Biobest.
Source:, 15/3/2019
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Gold for PMV-01 at Sival Exhibition in France
The vaccination strategy PMV-01 against Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV) has won a “Sival d’Or” at the Sival-expo 2018. After years of scientific research, PMV-01 became the first biocontrol agent available on the European market against PepMV, a disease that causes a lot of damage in the greenhouse tomato industry globally.
Source:, 22/01/2018
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