What is PMV®-01?

PMV®-01 is a vaccination strategy that has been used since 2011 in greenhouse tomato cultivation to offer protection against the highly infectious Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV). This vaccination strategy offers a sustainable and biological way to avoid serious quality and production losses caused by PepMV.

PMV®-01 is the result of 10 years of scientific research in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. This research showed that the best protection against PepMV was achieved with a vaccination strategy based on a unique, mild and stable Chilean PepMV-isolate. This isolate quickly colonizes the plants and subsequently offers optimal protection against PepMV damage. Based on this knowledge PMV®-01 was developed. The product itself has a certified production process with strict quality controls.

But PMV®-01 is more than just a product, it is a strategy. Taking pre- and post-vaccination leaf samples is part of the vaccination strategy. Pre-vaccination samples are taken to check the young plants for a possible PepMV infection before vaccination and post-vaccination samples are taken to confirm a successful installation of the vaccine.

PMV®-01 is authorized for use as a biological plant protection product in the majority of the European member states and in a handful of countries outside the European Union. This number will be increasing in the near future. Currently, several evaluations procedures are in progress, both in- and outside Europe.

Since its very first use, a total surface of more than 10000 ha has been treated with PMV-01.